ViMP 3.5

Completely new HTML5 player

The new ViMP video player is completely based on HTML5 and replaces the previous Flash player as default player. Flash is still available as fall back, of course.
Our new player is absolutely compatible to all existing video functions and furthermore has additional interesting features.
These include chapter marks, see preview images, slow motion/fast motion, video ads on mobile devices and multilingual subtitles.

Smartphone and Tablet Support

By accessing the portal with a Smartphone, ViMP automatically switches to its mobile layout.

Due to HTML5 support the media files also play smoothly on devices without flash support (e.g. iPhone, iPad).

Touch support of the new repsonsive design ensures the best browsing experience with Tablet PCs as well.


Clearness and easy handling feature the optimized administration backend.

Whether media, users, groups, channels or single contributions have to be edited or verified - fast and everyday work are made easier by the clearly arranged structure.

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