ViMP 4.2

ViMP 4.2

Awesome new features and a lot of improvements!

ViMP 4.2 contains a lot of minor improvements to the layout and usability as well as a lot of useful new features.

Download media in different formats, add attachments to media, pre-select your thumbnail during upload, browse conveniently through channel media, earn money via PayPalPlus, import users via CSV, upload 360 degree videos ... and a lot more!

Explore the new features in our online demo!

Cross Device Video Playback

Cross Device Video Playback

By accessing the portal with a Smartphone, ViMP automatically switches to its mobile layout.

Due to HTML5 support and multiple video resolutions the media files play smoothly on any device.

Touch support of the new repsonsive design ensures the best browsing experience with Tablets as well.

Administration Panel

Administration Panel

Clearness and easy handling feature the optimized administration backend.

Whether media, users, groups, channels or single contributions have to be edited or verified - fast and everyday work are made easier by the clearly arranged structure.

Graphical statistics and the dashboard help you to keep track of the growth of your video platform.

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